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Full Version: Need to replace stolen HP
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I recently lost my HP calculator in Auckland, New Zealand. It was stolen along with luggage and passport (another story). It was a Scientific with LCD, single-line display, RPN, and lots of functions. It also had three-level input for each key (white, blue, and orange). I purchased it in Seattle (University Book Store) in the early to mid 80's. I'd like to replace it the same thing. Where can I get one?

Hope you get your personal effects back!
Which model, Russ?

It seem for me that you get rid of a HP11C or HP15C. These models are quite expensive nowadays.

You may have a look into the classfied ads section here or a look at ebay.

Good luck,


Well, that's part of my problem, I don't know what model number it was. I thought it was a 32 but the photo of one in the HP Museum shows they only have two functions per key. Mine definately had three.

Well, from the first description, it sounded like a 32sii, but that didnt come out till the late 80's(?) or early 90's. Is it shaped like the 32s, but has 2 arrow keys (the shift keys) instead of one?

If so, then good luck getting one for less than $200. I was looking at ebay today, and a 32sii was at $295. The entry above it was for a HP-34 (the first scientific calculator), and it was selling for something like $50 (I found out that the seller of the 34 didnt know if it worked or not)

For being such a common calculator, the 32sii sure is expensive.


Sounds like you had an 11c or a 15c. Pity you didn't loose it earlier. Swapped my 15c for a 48g only recently. And yes, the 15c, which I've only recently found out, are rare and highly priced in the USA. Sorry I can't help now. Good luck with the hunt for one.


Russ --

Chritoph and Paul are right -- it sounds like a 15C or 11C (assuming it wasn't the "computer science" 16C). Do you still have the manuals?

I bought my 15C at the very same place in Nov 1983 during the same "early to mid-80's") era.

eBay prices run high for these models in good condition.

-- Karl

Hi Russ,

First of all, sorry for your stolen properties, but the most logical steps seems (to me) to identify the exact model of your calculator, and to that effect, the simplest way is to look at the very high-quality pictures available at this very Museum Of HP ! :-)

I'm sure that you'll be able to recognize your model if you see a hi-quality pic of it, right ? I suggest you begin with the HP-11C, HP-15C, then the rest of the LCD scientific models.

Best regards from V.

Yes, it is shaped like a 32s. In modern description lingo, it's portrait (like the 32's) and not landscape (like the 11c and 15c). Upon further thought, it's possible that I purchased my HP later than indicated in my first post. I think now that the late 80's or early 90's time frame is likely. Thanks for your reply!

Thanks to all of you who replied to my first post. My calculator was vertically formatted (portrait) not horizontally formatted (landscape) so it wasn't an 11c or 15c. I think now it was a 32Sii based on Ben's post. Sorry for the mis-information about purchase time-frame. I now believe it's likely that I bought it in the late 80's or early 90's. Thanks again. By the way, if any of you come across a 32Sii with "PRIOR" written on the back in white ink, it was stolen in Auckland, New Zealand on November 21st.