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Full Version: Accu packs
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Today I was in a store called "AccuDoc". I wanted to know the price of a rebuild of a HP-41 accu pack and the accu pack of a HP 110.
As I put the HP-41 accu on the table he told me immediatly to put it back into my bag.. Many people asked before, but the batteries are no more available as he told me.
For the HP 110 accu pack: There are 3 lead cells in it.. Price for a rebuilt: arround $80... A little bit to much for me, cause I do not use the calculator. Buy anyway: Does someone has a working accu pack left for me?


If you do not use the calc, why do you need a working battery pack?

I used the rechargable battery in the 41 before but now I use only alkaline. I see no need for the rechargable as the alkaline last a long time. When I use the card reader and/or the wand the battery life is shorter but not anything outrageous. If I use the card reader a lot because I am writing some programs and do lots of testing then I would find some way to power the calculator with AC power instead.

The 75 maH 1/2N cells for the 41C pack were only made by Sanyo. They stopped supplying them a couple of years ago. Most people today use 1/3AAA NiMH cells. They are close to, but smaller than, the original size and require some additional shim material for a proper fit.