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Full Version: How can I solve simultaneous equations in my HP48SX
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I'm a new HP calculator user. A friend gave it to me without the guidebook. I don't know how to use it. Can sombody help me please. I want to solve simultaneous equations with complex numbers.

I don't know but you can order the manuals on CD at this site.

Go to http://www.hpmuseum.org/cd/cddesc.htm

I don't think so. The manuals here are for out of production models. I have a set and I don't think the 48 series is on there, even though the 48SX is out of production.

You can probably still get them from HP perhaps. Or pick up a set of HP-48G manuals. There are new features in the G series, but it should be close enough (I think, i've never used a 48SX).

Also, check www.hpcalc.org for info. Perhaps one of the remaining HP outlets still has a set.

The HP 48SX manuals are on volume 1 of the CD set.

So they are. And a fine set of CD's too! Sorry!

As far as I know, the 48SX cannot solve such problems without third-party software but such software is free for downloading on a variety of sites. I have a program for my 48SX that works well for simultaneous linear or non-linear equations and I believe it works with complex numbers too. (My 48 is at the office so I can't check now.) If I remember correctly, the program came from one of Joe Horn's Goodies Disks.