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Full Version: Old Article reflects HP new thinking
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I guess when you read through this article you'll see why we will be going nowhere trying to persuade HP to bring out a new calculator. http://www.waterw.com/~jake-s/handyclc.htm

hey Naim

thanks for the link. (meaningless ramblings to follow)

i guess a person on hp's help desk is no match for the help that is provided in "self-help" forums like this one. i dont think companies can compete with the internet when it comes to providing information on fixing and using products any more. companies like hp realise this so they don't employ the support they used to. (the HP49 software is extensively tested first by the people in the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup free of charge) i guess the days of traditonal support are over at least for now (i dont agree with it) the people in this newsgroup alone would have more knowledge and experience problem solving than anyone hp could put in their helpdesk. (especially with discontinued models)

paul w