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Full Version: HP 15 C
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In my HP 15 c the status indicator "c " in the lower right part of the window is on .What does it stand for and how can i change it? In my 12 c i can control it with sto and eex but it dosent work in 15 c.

Simple. You are in "complex" mode. simply do g CF 8 to clear flag 8--when 8 is on, complex mode is on. To turn on complex mode, you either do SF 8, or f (i) (I think the latter is correct---try it!)




Hi, Stefan and Bill;

just a small remark over Bill's explanation:

- [f][(i)] allows you to temporarily "see" the imaginary part of the complex number in the X-register; if the HP15C is not in complex mode, [f][(i)] returns an [ Error 3 ] message;

- as Bill mentioned correctly, I consider [g][SF]8 as the most "natural" sequence to activate complex mode in the HP15C, because it does not change existing stack contents; [f][I] (upper case "I", beside (i) function in the keyboard) also activates complex mode, but this sequence alters stack contents; and the third possible sequence to activate complex mode in the HP15C is [f][Re<>Im] (real exchanges imaginary), that changes only X-register contents.

Just my 2ยข.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)