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Full Version: HP 65 Standard Pac Contents
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Does anybody have a complete list of the programs contained in the HP 65 Standard Pac? If so, please e-mail it to me. TIA!

First off, I'd like to thank those kind folks who sent me the lists. I appreciate it!

One thing about the lists I received caught my attention and actually verified that the discrepancy in my set isn't an isolated occurance. The manual that accompanied the cards lists the first program as 01A Day of the Week, but the card is 01B Personal Investments.

I know that, from time to time, HP released replacement cards for the application pacs to correct errors. When they did, their usual proceedure was to require that the original card be returned in exchange for the updated one and that the corrected card would be designated using the next letter in sequence (eg. "17B Flux Capacitor Harmonics" instead of "17A Flux Capacitor Harmonics").

Does anybody know (or remember) if such an replacement was ever issued for the 01A Day of the Week program included in the 65 Standard Pac? If so, did they replace it with 01B Personal Investments?