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Full Version: 48 or 49 constants edit
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I see there are some nifty programs to edit units in both the HP-48G series and 49G series calculators. Are there any analogous programs around that would allow similar manipulation (edit, add, remove) of constants? Now, I'm not sure there is a library of constants in the 49G+, but I know there is in the 48G's. Sometimes, use of them saves a few seconds; but often this is negated by far as I have to convert them into units I need, making the list of constants less useful (yeah, I know the constants I normally need, but most often only to three, maybe five significant digits. If I need more, I have to recalculate it from scratch or convert the one preloaded in the 48. I'd like to permanently store my conversion in the same library or a nearby subdirectory. I don't suppose the rather marvelous Unitman can do this too, can it?