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Full Version: Emmanuel at Xeq41@aol.com
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How can we get in touch with Emmanuel?
His e-mail at xeq41@aol.com is not working. Emmanuel, if you read this, please let me know the status of my CDR and EPROM package!!!!

Good Luck!!

Emmanuel sometimes takes a long time to answer his mails, but he's definitely no crook.

I'm sure he'll get in touch shortly.

I believe Emmanuel is changing his service provider - see the forum message below for his temporary email address


Thanks for the new e-mail address.

Emmanuel's new email address is:


I believe that he is no longer on AOL.


Dear Jeff,
Your parcel have been found. I got a call on friday from La Poste, Libourne.
5 men were arrested at Evreux and parcels stolen were send to Libourne center.
I'm waiting for it. Saturday was a day-off here.
Now I have adsl! 9 days w/o internet access...
Thanks for patience.