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Full Version: What's a HP59405A HP-IB calculator interface
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Hi calculator collectors

I got my 9810A today and remembered, that I have a

59405A HP-IB calculator interface

Made in U.S.A.

Ser No 1444A01762

somewhere. Now I've found it and here's the question:

Does this interface fit into this calculator? How do I use it ? Is there a special module for control of this interface ? It seems to contain only a few chips, so I guess, it needs some software.

Thanks for your tips.



I finally found it in the '77 HP catalog. It's a HP-IB interface for the HP 9830 caclulator. The same part number but option 020 is the HP-IB interface for the HP 9820 calculator (different ROM and manuals). It's also the same PN for the HP 9821 calculator, except that it's option 021. It's price in 1877 was $1300.