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Full Version: So what's the lowest prices for an HP49G+?
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So what's the lowest prices for a new HP49G+?????


Eric Lundgren wrote below that they're available for $130.00 at his school (wherever that is).

I paid $149.99 at H-P, but shipping and state sales tax boosted the total cost to $170.00 .

Amazon is selling the 49G+ for $140. You can ask for free shipping (and wait for a few extra days), and that's your TOTAL cost!!!!!

maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find the 49g+ on Amazon.com?


Please check this URL:


I ordered one!!

I also ordered the new HP48GII!!!!

BOTH machines are in stock over at Amazon.


Who cares? Home Depot has bags of manure for $1.00... not much difference...


A Google search shows one place with a price listed of $130, but they also indicate that they don't have them currently available. 12345 to delete.