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Full Version: 49G+ on HP's site now ... and so are 55 Training aids on how to use it
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Four of us worked on these. Myself, VPN, Wlodek and Nick. Hope these are useful.





The technical professionals page is the same as the scientist and engineers page.

Keep in mind...these are written for beginner! users and may not do things the fastest possible way!

If you find any mistakes, (and there are bound to still be some), we'd like to get them fixed. Either post notices of the errors here or email them to GeneWright143 AT hotmail DOT com


It is still not in the
"driver & support alerts/notifications sign-up"

Well done Gene and others. They look good. Any chance that all of the training aids are available in one pdf, or do I need to download them and put them together.


Gene: FYI - The numberical integration module seems to have a problem. I can't get it to download.


These links are not accessible (even after spell checking them...) Numeric Integration http://www.hp.com/calculators/docs/guides/49gPlusNumberic.pdf and Using the Hyperbolic functions http://www.hp.com/calculators/docs/guides/49gPlusHyberbolic.pdf


Copying "http://www.hp.com/calculators/graphing/49gplus/scientists.html" (without quotes, of course :-)) into the address field of my browser would immediately change the address to "http://www.hp.com/country/us/eng/js/hpwpc_utilities.js" and then return an hp-site telling me "we're very sorry, the page you requested cannot be found". What am I doing wrong?


Try going here:


and then click on the categories on the right side of the page...under the "solutions" header.

educators & students
scientists & engineers


Don't know why the links aren't working for some of the modules.

And, FYI, I have nothing to do with the creation of the webpage...only the mistakes in the modules are my fault! :-)

Remember, I didn't name the files on the web page. :-)

I asked them to correct the spelling and it should all be ok now.

Hope these are helpful/useful to new users or existing users who haven't tried certain features.

I view the creation of this many training aids as a good thing. HP didn't have to do this, but chose to do so.

That is a positive!



Congrats on participating in the HP49G+ documentation.

Are there any publishers interested in small books for the 49G+?


that's positive indeed, I fully agree! Thanks a lot for your advice and all the time and work you spent in participating in these documentation!!!