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Full Version: How to refill inkjet cartridge?
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Plese, advise how to refill a cartridge to my HP Officcejet K80 printer?

Thanks for any advices or links.

First take your HP-49G+ calculator and write a program to calculate the desired volume needed. Then go out to your local chemistry store and put together a recipe of fast drying pigmented ink. There are a number of patents and references you can find on putting together a formula. Build the processing equipment and make a lot to last a lifetime (don;t worry, shelf stability limit a lifetime to months - 1 year). Or, go buy a refill kit and follow directions there, poking a hole in the appropriate place, refilling with a syringe and praying for no leaks or mess to destroy your printer...

Or maybe a calculator forum isn't quite the right place to get answers along this line....

Which one is better ?


Just make sure it does RPN and you'll be fine.

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