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Full Version: Calling Captain Zener!
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Dear Captain Zener

I've given in to temptation and acquired a HP-34C and have a few queries:

1) The dreaded 2 disease - fortunately it seems to be OK with full blanking when calculating functions (eg the Gamma function) - is there any preventative maintenance that can/should be undertaken to try and keep it sound?

2) I haven't psyched myself up yet to try and open it - without opening it is there anyway to tell whether it has the solderless construction - serial no. 2033S?

3) Should I open it anyway in order to lubricate the on-off and run-prog switches?

4) What's the best stuff to clean the display (a few minor scratches) and the keyboard (suffering from bits of sticky black plastic from the pouch - I have just put the pouch through the washing machine [yes - I remembered to take the 34C out first] following a post I saw a while ago on the forum which did the trick on a 41CV pouch which suffered from the same problem)?

I'll leave it at that for the moment.