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Full Version: N eed good HP-67 picture
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I am looking for a good picture of an HP-67. I am writing a Windows emulator in Visual Basic 6. The emulator uses a picture of an HP-67 and tracks where on the image a person clicks the mouse. It's not an easy task to emulate the calculator in run and program modes, but I am willing to give it a try. I appreciate if you can "donate" a picture for the project. Email me your hp-67 picture to hpticalcfan@aol.com. Thanks!



you could ask Dave Hicks, the curator of this site.
Chances are good that he has a very good picture of an HP-67 (in both meanings;-)


Thanks Raymond. The picture of the HP-67 in this web site is nice, but it includes the picture of a magnetic card!! I looked on the web for a similar picture WITHOUT the card, but did not find as one that was as good.



Do you have a 67? If so you may try to scan it with a flat bed scanner. I found scanning give a good picture for your application.


I don't have an HP-67 right now. I'd like to buy one, so I am watching eBay auctions.



PS: I am gradually implimenting the emulator ... boy!! So many things to keep track of. Th eHP-67 is one heck of a state engine!!!!


Here's a start:


It needs a little more cleaning up.


Great pic Katie! Any other classics at that resolution??


It's just a scan of a 67 at 600x600 with a little photoshop-like cleanup done to it. Are you looking for any other ones in particular? I'll be happy to scan them for you.


Hey, Katie! Scan ALL the models you have!! THNX, VPN


A million thanks! This one hits the jackpot. Borrowing from a popular saying by a dictator currently in hiding, I can say your picture is "the mother of all HP=67 pictures!".



Do you have a good HP-34C or 33C you can scan?


Hi Namir,

Great Project! Will you make a real emulator (requiring a ROM image of a 67?)--or will you have to simulate (i.e. write your own native code which mimics the functionalitry).

It will be really cool--a real classic on the desktop--will make a great trio---v41, emu48, and Namir67!

Good luck with the project.

And Katie's scan looks excellent, too.



How about a scan of the hp 49g+ & hp 48gII, if not yet available, I settle for HP-71B & HP-75C. Thank You, Katie!


You are spoiling me with all these pictures that cry out to be animated with an emulator!!!!!!!

For your most kind efforts I will email you the HP-67 emulator for beta testing. I am still alpha testing and finding crazy bugs here and there. Overall it works and seems to be taking programs!! I am trying to stick to specs as much as possible. It's very tempting (and basically effortless) to add more stack/memory registers and program memory ... maybe that will be for a special souped up emulator ... the HP-67X emulator!

Funny thing, now that I have an emulator my desire to actually buy a physical HP-67 has died out a bit (ok ok I have 2 HP-97 sitting here :-) )

Sorry no 49G+, 48GII, nor 33S pictures yet. But here are the 75C and 71B scans:



Gee - Thanx! What else can you scan, Katie? Bring them all in one bunch of links - take you time until your total collections is scanned. Borrow from friends and/or calc stores to add more. I can't have enough od these!

I have a HP-6S Solar, HP-10B, HP-16C, HP-17B, HP-17BII, hp 17bII+, HP-19BII, HP-25, HP-28S*2, HP-32S, HP-32SII*2, HP 39/40G dualmode, HP-41CX*2, HP-42S, HP 48SX*2, HP 48GX*2, hp 48gII, HP 49G*2, hp 49g+, HP-71B*2, HP-75C, HP-700LX Omnigo+Nokia2110i, HP 720 Jornada AND I'm darely missing the HP-34C & HP-15C (never mind the HP-11C, HP-41CV adjustable speed [self-made], HP-41C) and the HP-200LX

Hi Bill,

I am writing a "simulator" in VB6. It's fun and challenging!!



I chekced out your web site. I bow in humility in homage to you state of excellent collectorhood. I have a china hutch that is crawling with calculators too, but they are not as well laid as your machines!!

I am very impressed. What do you do for a living?


I'm not quite sure what the fascination is with the scans of these calculators. Although they're pretty high resolution I don't think that they're as nice looking as the pictures that Dave has on this site. A scan is a nice way of photographing a calculator for use in an emulator/simulator, but otherwise it doesn't really give you as good a feel for what it looks like as do Dave's 3/4 pictures, for example.

The sideview pictures are excellent to look but are virtually useless for an emulator since I am imposing text box controls over the picture of the LCD to emulate teh display.