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Full Version: MLDL2000 for HP41: Update
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You have not heard from me for some time, but I have been working on the MLDL2000. I could not spend as many hours as I would have liked but some progress has been made.

Right now I am debugging the I/O interface, which allows me to program FLASH and SRAM from my PC with ROM images. Due to some issues I had to change (and simplify) the design of the I/O interface, and I hope to release a new version within a week or so. This will be a pretty final specification before I start making the layout for the PCB. After that there is no way back.

The changes in the I/O interface are that the bit-serial interface has gone away, and only a (faster) parallel interface remains. Signal configuration is based on a USB digital I/O module that I am using and that is very likely to be an integral part of the MLDL2000. Both will fit together in a cardreader housing, which is my design goal.


Great work! I have been following your progress and I am looking forward to using one of the completed units soon. From your posting, I had one question. How big is the flash rom and how many rom images could be flashed? For example, could I have both the David Assembler and the Zenrom flashed to the unit and use each separately?
Keep up the good work.

Do youreally want to know how much memeory there is? Check out the specifications ;)

There is room for 47 ROM images in FLASH and 11 RAM blocks, is that enough for you?


Thanks Meindert. Will you be completing the mfg. of the units for sale, will you provide the kits for assembly or just supply all the specs for the unit that fits into the card reader? Do all of us who want one of these units need to purchase a card reader?

I will only be offering kits with the complete PCB's. It is up to you to put in in a box, be it a cardreader or something else. I will repeat again that this project is for hobby and fun, and not intended to be very professional and certainly not for profit.
Besides, I only have three cardreaders housings that I want to keep for my own unit ;)
If you want to put it in a cardreader housing you will need to get hold of one. I suggest you wait purchasing one until I finalize the mechanical details.