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Full Version: Has Hewlett-Packard hit bottom yet?
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A man was recently in the calculator aisle of a well-known office supply store. He can't find what he wants. A stockboy wanders by.

Man: Excuse me. I'm looking for the Hewlett-Packard calculators.

Stockboy: The what?

Man: The Hewlett-Packard calculators.

Stockboy: All of our calculators are right here.

Man: Yes, but I'm looking for the Hewlett-Packard calculators.

Stockboy: (blank look) Hewlett-Packard? Ummm . . . I'll have to ask somebody about that.

Man: OK. Thank you.

Five minutes later the man leaves the store. There were no Hewlett-Packard calculators. As he walks through the parking lot the man has a very uneasy feeling. He recalls his conversation with the stockboy and the man wonders to himself, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?"

HP calculators are alost invisible in the UK and have been from the year dot. Try looking for an online UK shop with them (there are 1 or 2 but compared to Casio and TI...)

After I asked in a normal high street shop if they could order an HP calculator they said that they did do HP printers and computers and did I mean a Packard Bell calculator / organiser!!

HP in the UK don't seem to push calculators AT ALL. If you want one you have to hunt high and low.

On a day trip to France I did find a reasonable range of HP calculators but no HP32Sii ;-( All the boxes were well worn and looked as if they had been on the shelf for a very long time - the prices looked full list price and my French was not good enough for me to haggle due to the box condition.

Why not try www.classiccalculators.co.uk for HP calculators in the UK?