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Full Version: 49G+ Equation Library
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Someone posted a little while ago asking whether HP threw in an equation library like they did in the 48G series.

I just saw something on the Singapore Educalc site that seems to say that there IS one in the 49G+, as well:


I have a 49G+. If there is an equation library, I cannot see it.

If you enter 113.01 MENU a menu similar to that on the 48gx appears. However if you press the left most key, i.e. EQLIB, a blank menu is displayed. Perhaps they planned to include the equation library and forgot. Or perhaps it will be included in a later ROM update. Time may tell.


Uh, this is sort of terrible... a website statement says there is one, then there is a blank table in the calculator itself under the heading of such a library!

Hopefully, it is not a flash update that one has to buy!

But I have two personal views on this and I hope not to offend anyone:

1. The 48G series equation library I understand is compatible and can be downloaded into a 49G/G+.

2. Do any of us really use (often enough, anyway) such a library? If it concerns your interests, you'd probably know it well enough not even to require a book for reference, and if it's something you'd use once in a while, it may not be too much trouble to key in the equation into the table yourself!


As of early AM 10/2, Samson Cables' site says that there may be the POSSIBLE INCLUSION of an equation library!

There is no Equation library included on the 49G+. However, as pointed out, you can download one. There are some very good offerings on hpcalc.org (better than the standard 48 offering).