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Full Version: hp 33s and memory
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The datasheet about the hp 33s on HPCALC.ORG tell us that this caculator will have 32 KB and 27-independent memory (A-Z,i). What's that? On hp 41 we use STO 00 - STO ???, so, this is more than 27 memory... only 27 memory for the hp 33s?

The new 17bII+ financial calculator has only 10 independent memories. But...you can also define any number of variables, using 10-character names, for use by the Equation Solver. Maybe the 33S will be similar ?

The 33s is intended as a 32sii update, not a successor of the 41, 42s or whatever.
So it has all the features and properties of the 32sii, plus bigger memory, 2-line display and can be switched to algebraic mode. Apart from the keyboard (doesn't look very user friendly...) these are all the features I always wanted for my 32sii.


I imagine that another feature you would want would be better complex number handling. This is the major thing missing from the HP32SII, I feel. I imagine that the HP33S will work the same way, but at least with the two line display both parts will be visible at once.