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Full Version: User keys of the 49G
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I read about someone planning to swap the functions of two keys on their 49gplus, ...does this mean that the 'enter' key could be configured to take over a key located where the 48gx enter key was? Does this work on the 49G too?

Counting the days to go play at Fry's with the new toys..

Btw, is anyone still looking for 48gx? If so let me know, a store near here has a few new ones still.


The User keys don't work in all the Environments (or paraterized-outer-loops) you will have little luck in ASsigNing the ENTER to - say - EEX, so that it works everywhere. Just get used to the new location...and new speed!


It is easy to assign an enter functionality to the X key that is in the center of the 49G. This keeps teh enter where you like it. Of course any key can be used but the X makes some sense to me with location and if you use the EEX key, you need to reassign that keys functionality (& remember its location)......

Calcpro website www.calcpro.com still has a few HP 48GX calculators (bundled with manuals, etc.) in stock. I bought a couple of them from its manager, Paul Nelson, in the last two years. They also stock plug-in cards for the HP 48GX, books, and accessories.

Sorry, I meant "an" instead of "and".