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Full Version: Architectural data corp./Data Dimensioner Calculator
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I don't mean to crash the HP calculator forum but...today I found this calculator and searched the web and can't find any reference to this maker.I would appreciate any input!Architectural Data corporation(Louisville Ky)-Data Dimensioner,dated 1984.Serial # space is blank so maybe a prototype?Has a plug on the side for an external printer by same mfg. (wasn't with it too bad).I'll try to include links to photo's below.

Edited: 29 Sept 2003, 10:48 p.m.

The form of the case and the keyboard sure enough look like it's based on a TI 58/59...

Cheers, Victor

A little more info from the instruction booklet,four function/four dimentional modes.Mixed dimentions such as feet,inches,fractions,converting feet or inches to their decimal or metric equivalents.Thanks everybody!