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Full Version: 11C non-painted logo
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I have an 11C that has absolutely no paint on the logo. The calculator is in good condition and doesn't show any signs of wear but there isn't even a trace of paint on the logo. It really looks as if there was never any paint on it. Is this normal? Does anyone know of a batch of 11C's with non-painted logos? The serial is #2716A54720.


I have a 15C in the exact same condition.

My opinion has always been that this is simply as a result of taking the machine in and out of its case. Even if you otherwise treat the calculator with the utmost respect, that friction from the case eventually exacts its toll.

I have a number of other Voyagers which show logo paint wear -- the paint is partially rubbed off for some distance from the edge of the logo. That's the forensic evidence which leads me to my opinion.

I think that when the paint is badly worn some owners then rub it all off deliberately (my mother did this to her gas cooker markings!).

Most of these are made of metalized plastic. The chrome is very thin and wears off. The very early ones where make of die cast zinc and hold up better.

You can repaint with chrome model paint or a paint marker pen. Sharpie markers now have a silver metallic ink pen which works quite well.