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Full Version: I want to sell a spare HP-15C but I don't know how...
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I want to sell a spare HP-15C that I have (in box, manual in brazilian portuguese, protective plastic cover of both calc. and manual, vinyl case, very well preserved) but I don't know how to do it! I cannot pass the eBay credit card verification for some reason (misspelled adrress? but the card is ok!). And I don't know how to recieve payments here in Brazil from international buyers also. I have a personal PayPal account, but it doesn't accept credit cards.
I'm seeking for any advices, help, or even offers (pls ask for pics)...
I'll put the offer on the Ads section also, but I need first know if I can recieve payments from other countries besides my own (Brazil).

Best regards,


P.S. I have also a HP-11C but it is in poor condition, no box, no manual, several scratchs, rubber foot missing...

sell it here in the classifieds take bids by email set a date and sell to the highest bidder. Then take only certified check and do not ship until you receive the money I think that if you let every one know up front there will be no problems.

my $.02

The problem is how to cash a (US?) check here in Brazil...
Or I can exchange it for something of the same value.



Usually international money orders work. Check with your bank what works best. Western Union offers pretty good service - used it with some tranactions to Eastern European countries just fine.

I would reccomend using Western Union for payment. They have a wire transfer sort of service or have paper money orders. They have offices just about everywhere on the planet.

Before using Western Union check out MoneyGram. They are generally cheaper than Western Union.

One thing you can do is have people who have paypal accounts use the echeck or balance transfer features.

the classified ads here are good, you may also want to talk to Luis when he gets on, he's bought and sold with some of us in the past.

good luck, and the 11c sound great, too :)



I always do that.

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Last time I checked the Moneygram people were not as widespread as Western Union, but if the buyer an seller both have access, go with whatever is cheapest.

International money orders from the US post office can be a joke. It can take a couple of months to get one for most countries. You have to find the right clerk at the right post office, pay for a voucher, send it to New York, who sends it overseas, who sends back a money order, who eventually sends it to you, who sends it to your customer.