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Full Version: Graphics with HP48SX in programs - HELP!
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I use a HP48SX and I want to use it's graphic possibilties in programs. I want to make a program, what draws graphs to the LCD in real time, and not in the behind.

What is the simplest way to draw under a running program?

Thanks for answering!


just take a look at www.hpcalc.org .
There you'll find many graphing tools for the HP-48,
some of which are really fast.


BTW: For a real time speed test, search for D3D on hpcalc;-)

Hi, Tizedes;

About what you want, the "worst" part of plotting from a running program is scaling. I remember I've done this when I bought my HP48SX (in the 80's) but I have not found my notes about his yet.

I remember I read chapter 17, 18 and 19 extensively and I tested all possibilities. At the end of the process, I thought it was fun to see and handle the curve as you zoom it in and out, and find its poles and zeroes as you work with it.

As I find the listings and check for their functionality I'm posting again.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Hi Luiz!

But I buyed my 48SX many years ago, I never used it's graphing possibilities IN programs. But sometimes I want to draw Function/Scatter plots in progs. (I used this method: I put the plot-coords in the matrix, and used the Stat-Scatter plot; it's not a very clever method, and eats the memory.)

Think I must to read the Manual... :)

As I find the listings and check for their functionality I'm posting again

I hope it's not will stealing your time! Thanks for your helping!