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Full Version: New HP49g
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I have bought an HP49g but I dont know how to install a variable on it... for example in the HP48 you select the var, then tipe 0 and then sto, shutdown the HP and you turn it on, and the var begin to run ( a var like a program, like a game or "facil" or Hpshell or etc.,etc.,etc...)

Anyone can help me, please???

As far as I understand you like to install a library to your HP49G. So like for the HP48 you put the lib on the stack. Then you type the port number to store it to: 0: IRAM 1: ERAM 2: FLASH To auto-attach the library press ON-F3 for a warmstart (unlike just OFF then ON again on the HP48)

Hope this helped you

Daniel Diggelmann