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Full Version: HP 71B - plate below hp logo
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Having seen various pictures of the 71b, I noticed that on some 71b's there appears to be a metal plate just below the hp logo, while on the museum's 71b pictures, this plate is not there, or I should say, it looks instead like some kind of black slot with a smaller plate to the right side of it. Upon reading the museum's 71b description, it looks like the card reader/writer is installed.

Does this mean that the larger plate just a cover which can be removed to install the card reader/writer?


yes, there is a "protective" plate that must be removed prior to install the card reader. Also, there is a 32KRAM module that fits in the same place.

Luiz (Brazil)

You can install a card reader blank or one of many other memories.

There are 32K RAM, 32K RAM/EPROM, 64K RAM/32K EPROM, 96K RAM, 128K RAM and who knows what else.

Thanks for all the feedback on this. I actually wanted to know because there was an ebay auction where the seller stated that the only marking on the calculator was engraved numbers on this plate. It was then I checked the photos in the museum and I noticed that that 71b was different to the one in the auction.