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Full Version: Buying FN1000
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I've read a discussion about Aurora FN1000, and I'm still in doubt about buy an HP12C or or this cheaper clone. Didn't have it in US? Here in Brazil isn't ease to find, but is a half of price. It is the only RPN financial calculator besides HP?


As far as i know, only HP and Aurora market RPN calculators. I have not been able to find an Aurora 1000 here in the U.S. I wrote to Aurora twice asking if the 1000 is sold here. They did not return my emails. I could ask a Japanese friend to write by regular mail in conji (it reads basicly the same in Chinese) but there are no conji characters for some modern concepts, like calculator for instance.

BTW: Isn't that interesting that there are two distinct languages, not even related like Spanish and Portugese, that can use the same written form?

Please keep an eye out for another Aurora RPN model and tell us if you see it. We would all be interested.

- d