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Full Version: We should be happy
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From my point of view, we should be happy with the new HP 49G+ (if everything is true).

Consider this:

* Five to ten times quicker than the old HP 49G. Come on, be honest: how many of you would have killed to get this much? 100 %

* An USB port. This is a high speed standard connection, isn't it?

* A sd Card expansion. We can buy a (hopefully) standard SD Card and have 32 Mb to keep data and programs. The HP 48GX could only hold up to a 4Mb card (if you could find one) That is 8 (or 16 or more) times more memory. So what?

The biggest complaint is the keyboard (no big ENTER key), plastic and other minor things. I guess most of us are in love with the machine we studied with, and cannot accept easily something with a new design without comparing. This only means we are getting OLD!

Let us accept these new machines as they come and see if they really work (calculate!) fine.

Hi, L. Martin;

to be honest, I do not like the hP33S look, but I thought that if this look will make it be acceptable among youngers, let's bring them to RPN "world" with a different bait, if this is the case. I read Bill's post and I think the HP33S should look more serious, not as a current videogame personal tool, almost a sci-fi object. As many in here point out (and I am not aware of these facts), HP must survive somehow if we want RPN calculators, OR someone else should start producing RPN calculators. As mentioned in Graeme's post, I don't know if Texas would offer an RPN model so far.

If these "market targeted" calculators allow HP staff to consider producing others with a different approach, I think we could wait to see. If I have the chance, I want to try the new HP49G+. But I still believe an O.S. upgradable HPg48Gwhatever would be better.

My 2ยข.

Edited: 13 Aug 2003, 2:42 p.m.