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Full Version: Does this 82162A work?
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I bought an untested 82162A HP-IL printer and am trying to determine if it works.

I suspect it doesn't: it powers up and can advance the paper, but the "Print" button does nothing, and nothing prints when it's set to "Trace" mode and I perform operations on the HP-41 I'm using to test it.

I know the HP-IL interface works-- it controls a tape drive just fine.

Still, there's one thing that makes me think I'm overlooking something: according to my HP-IL module manual, I should be able to test flag 55 to see if a printer is present. But with either HP-IL module I have, pressing "TF" and "55" returns "Nonexistent", rather than a status.


Have you checked the printer enable switch at the IL interface ?


That teeny little switch on the HPIL module enables or disables the printer functions (so you can use HPIL and the 82143A in the same machine). Make sure it is ENABLEd.

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Yep, that was it. The printer works fine (well, there's a print element out in the middle of the head, but I can live with that). Thanks!

I've had great luck by opening these printers and using VERY light oil (flute valve oil) on the moving parts and shafts. Don't get any on the rubber drive belt!

While you're in there, you might check the ribbon cable for damage and firm seating. I have a "junk" printer sent to me for the print head to repair a 19C, but the power board on the 19C was corroded beyond repair. So, I have an unknown print head.


The 82143A print head will work fine in the HP-IL printer. You can get them cheap on Ebay. The 82143A printhead is NOT compatible with the HP91/92/97/19C. Those earlier machines have a low resistance (10 ohm) head. The 82143A and HP-IL printers have a high resistance (80 ohm) head that is driven by a boosted power supply voltage. HP did this becuase the 82143A can print twice as fast as the HP97.