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Full Version: How to change dots <> commas in HP-32E?
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Hi, folks!
How to change dots <> commas in HP-32E? I just finished their restoration, and I need to know if was any way to do this. A jumper, maybe?



I'm not sure, but I remember reading about the dot/comma jumper or bridge in the international version of the 34C.

Please take a look at the technical info for the 34C here in the museum.
Maybe the forum archive could help, too.


Thanks, I'll look (again) there. But I think that there isn't any jumper (I don't found any) inside it. Maybe only the international 34C have it...

If I was crazy enough I might just swap the dot and comma connection on the display! Ahh, what a sin messing up with the flexible PCB... Never mind.

Best regards,


Here you find a very good picture of the powersupply of a Spice and the jumper in it that changes dot/comma.

Luiz's Post

Regards, Harry

Thanks, I'll look for it next time I open it.



Hi, Harry;

thank you mentioning. Just to add that I read it first in one of Katie's post, sometime ago. Please, feel free using the information and the pictures anytime you want. Belongs to us all.

Best regards.

Luiz (Vieira)

I just finished assembling again my 32E. I cutted that jumper, and it is now showing dots as separators and a decimal comma. It worked!

Thanks to all!

Best regards,