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Full Version: I am confused... Hey, Norm, this may be of interest
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I've been walking around e-Bay announcements and found these two:(I think Norm would like to check the first one)

Well, I am somewhat lost about both prices: the first one is almost 15% of the second one...

What is an HP34C worth?

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Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 27 July 2003, 1:46 a.m.

Hi Luiz,

If a 34C is busted to bits, and good to try and put the bits back into the injection molder and make a new calculator, then its probably good for about $50 on eBay.

If it has a charger, a furry case, and it works, its probably worth about $100 .

Those auctions seem to have the cardboard box and all the manuals. If the calculator works good, either of them might fetch $200 - $260.

Appreciate the update, but I was not going to buy any HP-34C right now. After all, I can't own all of them !!

Not 'til I find my way out of this recession.

Anybody seen any good engineering jobs lately ?

Or maybe its time for me to join the boardroom, and get my key to the executive washroom. I could go with a 7 figure salary, and it should be easy enough..... all I would have to do is discontinue products that are sole-sourced and selling well, oh yeah, and cook the books at quarterly earnings time.

The key to the difference in price is the spelling of "calculater" in the first item's title. It didn't answer a title search for "calculator", and hence had fewer bidders.