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Full Version: Hey! There is a HP48S "RULES", sort of
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Fellow Museum-ites,

A previous post was looking for the names of the HP48 designers. One idea was to try the RULES command. This will produce the names on G series calculators.

What about the S series? Well, much to my surprise, there is a RULES command on the S. But before you get your hopes up, S owners, the command executes the following:

:: DoBadKey ;

If you don't understand System RPL, here's a beginners program to get you started!


Ok, Ok. It produces the bad key beep your accustom to hearing.

Hm... interesting...hehe, it seems that HP was preparing to do something like that... but still, why didn't they use DoBadKey, instead of :: DoBadKey ; ? 10 wasted nibbles and one return stack level wasted.

hm... many thoughts come to my mind...wonder what it is for... ;)