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Full Version: HP49g programdownload problem
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I'm trying to download programs to my calculator from my pc. I use the pc connectivitykit version 3.0r2. The calculator runs with ROM 1.17-B. I've downloaded programs before,with ROM 1.10 on the calculator. (BTW we are talking about a HP49g). But now everytime the errorwindow "ERROR from the calculator äppears on the screen of my pc. And on the sreen of the calculator the massage "invalid name" appears fore a few seconds.

Anyone with the same problem, or who can help me out?

Thank's in advance.

You might try setting the calculator to approx mode. Hold down right shift and press ENTER until display shows R~ at top. Hope this helps. rdb.

I've experienced this problem also. It occurs when I attempt to download a file that is named the same as a reserved name on the calculator. For me, I was attempting to download a file named "MAIN".

It dosn't like this. Funny thing is, is that I can create a directory directly on my calculator named "MAIN" but just can't download one with that name.


I changed the name of the file from "MAIN" to "MAINENTRY" and the download works fine.

But i have tried several other programs to download, and with all download efforts the same problem occurs. My calculator has a serialnumber starting with 93. I hope that it is not a hardware failure. But downloading went well with ROM 1.10-c.

I may have found something,But i don't know what i can do with it. There is the transfer set-up box ([APPS] choos 2 "i/o functions",and then select 5 "transfer". There you will find on the rightside of the screen "Chk:" . Here you can select the checksumtype. My calculator only disply's 3 dots next too the Chk fiels. Whene i put the cursor on the Chk field,and press F2 fore choos, a window appears, and i can select 3 checksumtype's. But i can choos what i like, but none of the choices will be put in the Chk field. The HP49g emulator, that also runs on ROM 1.17-B, state's in the checksumfield "3".


Hi all,

Erwin you are wrong. The three dots tell you that the field is wider that one character. And if you have chosen exact mode in the emulator you get a "3" in there, and if you coose approx mode on your real calc you get "..." there because the number is be "3." wich is wider than one character ;-) OK back to the original problem. I have seen this often quoted in the newsgroup but did not follow that links up because I do not use hpcomm. I use linux as the main OS on my PC so I use simple xmodem transfers. What about trying a simple terminal program with xmodem transfer in windows?

Bye, Matthias


You have an unallowed name. Either a reserved word OR a non-alphabetic name. Only dot is allowed as a separator (if your current radix is comma, then no dot, but comma)

I hope this helped