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Full Version: Creator team of the 48s series
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Subject says all. i need to know the names of the team that created the hp48s, along with the post each one of them had. Direct me to a page that has them, or give me that info directly at my email or with a reply to this post.

thank you, George Tsiros hp48gx@hol.gr gtsiros@yahoo.com

Try the command "RULES" on the 48; then you have the first names of everybody involved. And Diana (Byrns) is a nice person, I had a change to speak to her when she was in Amsterdam some 8 years ago.


Menno, I don't think the RULES command does anything on the S series. It's the G series that gives you the development team. As usual, www.hpcalc.org is the best resource.

There is a video that tours the new HP48SX calculator. Dr Wickes does the introduction. So, if someone is interested, get in touch with me.


As far I know "rules works also on the 48S-series, but I'm not sure.


You may find some full names on the Hewlett Packard Journal, some issues are online, and a search engine is available.

Try www.hp.com/hpj

The following articles (and, perhaps more useful to you, author names) were published on the June 1991 issue of the Hewlett Packard Journal:

HP 48sx Scientific Expandable Calculator: Innovation and Evolution by William C. Wickes, Charles M. Patton

The HP 48sx Interfaces and Applications by Diana K. Byrne, Robert W. Jones, Patrick J. Megowan, Gabe L. Eisenstein, Ted W. Beers

The HP 48sx Calculator Input/Output System by Steven L. Harper, Robert S. Worsley

Manufacturing the HP48sx Calculator by Richard W. Riper

Hardware Design of the HP 48sx Scientific Expandable Calculator by M. Jack Muranami, James P. Dickie, Preston D. Brown, Mark A. Smith, Lester S. Moore, Thomas B. Lindberg, David L. Smith

The following articles also appeared on the same issue, and may (not sure) be related to the HP 48s development:

HP Solve Equation Library Application Card by Eric L. Vogel

Improving the Product Development Process by Douglas Daetz, William P. Carmichael, Edith Wilson, Spencer B. Graves

I hope it helps

Thank you very much!

Now i need to know who wrote the manuals :)) but i will search for that...if you know something less-known to the public, please, SHARE!