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Full Version: Best thing about the HP12cp
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Do you know what the best thing about the 12CP is? It gives you a pocket case worthy of the original 12C. I have a 12CP, which I purchased before reading this forum. I have one with the incorrect dates on the back. I am really dissapointed in the calculator. The keys are flimsy, especially the "Enter" key, which bounces and gives me a double click every time I use it - incredibly irritating. As was mentioned before the look is awful and the speed is terrible considerign this is an upgrade with almost 20 years of new technology to draw from. Also, to add insult to injury, I accidentally dropped the 12CP and dented the metal right above the LCD panel and, since the numbers and functions are painted on, scratched the down arrow on the roll down key. I wonder if after 20 years of use the 12CP will have blank areas where the primary functions of the keys were due to wearing the paint away. I'm also dissapointed that HP couldn't come up with a way to incorporate a back arrow key on the new 12CP. I briefly used a 10B in college before switching to the 12C and found that I really missed the back arrow key that the 10B has.

I probably won't be a regular contributor to this forum, but I wanted to post a message from an average user who doesn't have quite the amazing background that the regular contributors to this forum seem to have. Anyways, the insight you provide here is invaluable and I will be reading this forum regularly, especially if I have any calculator questions. Thanks so much!

Michael Barry

i agree with you totally on the delete key issue. im assuming they wanted a close approximation to the original 12c which also has no delete.

recently ive been using a 12c instead of my trusty 15c for arms reach calculations and, although i really like the 12c, i miss the delete key, and also i keep pressing G CLX which is my fault :-)