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Full Version: MLDL unit for 41 ??
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I just read a post
describing a machine-language development module for the 41 ...
Anybody seen this or heard of it?


Meindert Kuipers is the name of the man who developed a custom MLDL for the HP41.

This is one of his posts. I'm almost sure he will not feel bothered reading an e-mail from you. And he is a regular contributor, soon you'll be answered by him, too.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

So, is this MLDL2000 the same unit?
It looks like he is making a new version - I mean, other than the bug fix he refers to in the post.
Or was there an original MLDL that is in production?

Thanks for your response,

Come to think of it, the 41 m-code book I'm looking at which mentions this is copyright 1985 - so there is definitely an older version of this module.
I wonder if anyone has used this version?


As far as I know, Meindert is developing his custom version "from scratch". I've been following his posts, but I'd like being closer to his project. It is a teasing, amazing activity.

Sorry, I have no further information. Meidert maintains a page where all of the developmetn is kept as doc files. I do not have the e-address right now...

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


of course there are various other MLDL-type hardware extensions for the HP-41.
Unfortunately, most of them had been designed and been on the market from 1980/81 to 1989 .

Names which come to mind are: ProtoCoder, ERAMCO-MLDL, MBK ProfiSet, W&W RAMBox, VM HEPAX module, HP-41CY, and maybe more which I don't recall at the moment...

Some only had EPROM sockets, other have RAM, and some have both, like the ProfiSet.

As Luiz wrote, Meindert is building a new MLDL-type ROM simulator or RAMBox from scratch. This is a very cool thing, and I hope to be able to get a unit when he publishes the box:-)



I heard my name mention a few times, it almost makes me blush ...

I have a preliminary spec at www.kuipers.to/hp41. I have alomst finished an updated spec which I hope to upload somewhere during next week.

My MLDL is a completely new design. I have learned from other designs, but mine has a different approach. There is now progress (had to fix a serious bug and do redesign) and I am busy simulating the thing. I hope to be able to build a new prototype before I leave for my summer vacation in sunny France (do not despair if you do not see any posts for a few weeks from me) but I will take my notebook and will be able to do some software development.

Please email me for any questions you might have ...


re: "... my summer vacation in sunny France (do not despair if you do not see any posts for a few weeks from me) but I will take my notebook and will be able to do some software development."

Now there's the OPERATIONAL definition of geek/nerd!

(And, I bet we all do it! I'm currently debating whether to take a laptop when I go visiting parents and in-laws in a few weeks. I will, at least, take my bookmarks and history files on a floppy so I don't lose my place in this forum.)

Dear Meindert,
Good enjoy then! ;o)
Taste french wines, cheeses,...
There's sometimes something more important than calcs.
Kind regards from Normandy. Sincerely.

I am NOT a nerd. The main reason I take my notebook is that my kids can watch a DVD in the back of my car ;) Nerds do not have families (or do they ...). And I will not be able to go online anyway.

And Emmanuel is totally right: I will enjoy the French Atlantic coast (though much further south than Emmanuel is) with its wines, cheeses, fish and all the other good things in life.


Dear Meindert,
First, thanks.
I'm really from Pont-L'Abbé near Quimper.
The best part of Atlantic cost (Bénodet, Loctudy,...)
with Portugal.
However have a nice trip!