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Full Version: Crazy people???
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Would you buy a hp41CV for over two hundred? Well here's one going for $244.50 on bay. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=275490041

I've seen it also... Maybe it has a Zenrom, a CCD Rom, an x-functions and two x-memories hard wired inside... or 2g of cocaine....

Sure, I've already done it. ;-) In the early eighties I have had one HP11C, one HP15C and one HP41CX with card-reader. Some months ago I purchased a nice HP41CV complete with various manuals from Ebay, for US$225. I'm not crazy, just nostalgic. :-)

Back when EduCalc was shutting down, a number of people were buying EduCalc 41Cs, peripherals, modules, and books and listing them on eBay. The eBay prices usually ended up at 3 to 12 times the EduCalc price, even though EduCalc was still selling them.

This is the problem with eBay anymore, everyone that is interested in old HP's knows that you can get any model you want if you are willing to pay the price. For folks like me that tend to be a bit on the tight side, we're just out of luck. The price that this 41CV is going for makes the one I found abandoned (along with its charger, nicad battery pack (dead, BUT...), alkaline battery holder, functional card reader, 60 new cards in two cases, stress analysis pac, machine design pac, overlays, manuals, and all the boxes) in a drawer at the company I work at look all the more attractive.

Well... I'm also nostalgic on these calculators.

I owned 15 years ago a 11C. One of my class pals broke it. I was offered a brand new 15C. It was stolen. I then bought a 41CV, that I sold later when I began law studies (no need for maths anymore).

I am now a financial manager. I had a 19BII bought by the company. I bought a 41CX on sale on this site, and I was surpised to notice that I really enjoyed using this calculator, better than my 19BII far more legible and powerful. I saw the prices on ebay and tried my luck. I sold it 7 times what I bought it ! and then I felt again nostalgic, and bought two of these. What is sure is that I wil never get rid of all...

They are so easy to use, even for simple operations. On topp of that, I've got a few modules that I want to know and use.

I also had a 48GX bought by my previous company, and even if this is a tremendous calculator, it never has the charms of a simple looking 41 with all the functions hidden in the f CATALOG 0...

Well, even if i'll continue acquiring different HP's, I definitely consider that the easiest and best calculators to use ar the 10C, 11C, 15C and 41.

After acquiring a 42S, I rarely use my 41cx and i had love mine dearly.

Yes, the double lined screen is certainly tempting, but honestly I've used several post 1990 HP's and I never have the same feeling that with my CX...

I just love it, how irrational it can be...

The only objective thing I can say is that the keys of a 41 are far more pleasant to use