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Full Version: hp 82143a peripherial printer power cord
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I have just found a hp 82143a peripheral printer for a 41-cx calculator. It is missing the power cord. I am having difficulty obtaining technical information in my searches on the power supply. Is it AC or is it DC power? What is the voltage? Is there a built in AC/DC inverter (I suspect this). I encourage anyone with any information on this subject to respond to the above e-mail. Thank you, Michael Muttel muttant@prodigy.net

The 82143 printer uses the same adapter that's used with the HP-97 and the HP-41 battery pack: the part number is 82059A (or B/C/D.) This is an AC adapter (8V 3W max); the printer contains the rectifier circuitry (not inverter; that'd convert DC to AC.) However, to the best of my knowledge the printer will NOT work without a properly installed, working battery pack; the battery pack both stabilizes and regulates the voltage.

If you don't have a battery pack, you may try a STABILIZED 5V power supply (do NOT use a cheap multipurpose wall adapter) and connect its output directly to the battery terminals. You better make sure first that you have the right polarity, because reverse polarity can do permanent damage in a split second.


Thank you Viktor for your input to my question. I feel a bit more headed in the correct direction in getting this stuff running. Michael

Victor is right,without a properly battery pack the printer will not work. I have two battery packs for the printer, one is dead,and if i install that pack so is the printer. With the other pack it works fine,alltough the batteries are dated 1987.


Thank you for your information Erwin. Would you by chance know the polairty of the battery pack? I may have to power the unit with a stabilized 5 volt power supply. Michael

I hope i do.

Place the battery pack in front of you.With the two hole's, that connect with the pins inside the printer, facing you. place it, so that the hole that is nearest to an edge of the pack is at your right. The hole on the leftside is the positive pole. On both of my battery packs the cell above the leftside hole are markt with a + .

I hope i understood your question right.


I have been running my printer sucessfully using a 5V regulated power supply rated at 3A max. I connect the power directly to the battery terminals not via the connector on the outside. No battery pack is needed

The charger for the 82143 puts out 8 VAC. It's the same charger that's used for the rechargeable battery pack for the HP 41 and for all of the HP-IL interfaces and MOST of the HP-IL equipment such as the 9114, 2225, 82162, etc. The charger for the US style AC outlets is a HP 82059. But there are other models for other countries with other styles of outlets.