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Full Version: The manual of the Aurora FN1000 (again)
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I've been examining the Aurora FN1000 that is sold as a replacement for the HP12C. Here are some of my findings:
a) The manual is a 224 pages booklet full of instructions and examples. Sure it does ! It's a shameless transcription of the Portuguese version of the HP12C manual ! Names and amounts in the exemples have been changed and some exercises had their statements simplified. But it's all there ! It even has a copyright notice favoring the Brazilian distributor ! Copyright of the copy ! Amazing.
b) The graphic presentation of the manual is low quality and the Portuguese version displays some language errors. There is a small, 30 pages complement that has the errata for the main manual.
c) Now for the main point. Programming instructions were adapted for the keyboard layout of the FN1000. It's to say that the firmware had to be also adapted ! Everything else in the FN1000 is equivalent to what we find in the 12C: number of program lines, number of storage registers, number of keys etc. But the key addresses were changed to comply with the keyboard layout.


Do you know which site I can download the softcopy manual of the Aurora FN1000.

Thank you.

No, I don´t know the site from where to down load the manual for the FN1000. I´ve been studying the paper version of it. I looks like if it was composed in a typewriter, because they tried to draw boxes for the keys around the letters and the result is poor.

Since the manual I saw was in Portuguese and had a copyrught notice for a Brazilian company, I would like to know what kind of manual is offered with the FN1000 that is sold in other countries.

If you know, please let me know.


Can you account for the display in the photo that Joerg posted a link for:


"54-4333 65"

On a 12C this means "line 54: GTO line 65"

What does it mean on the FN1000? Or could the photo be from a pre-production unit, before they changed the keycodes?