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Full Version: Meeting II
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Hello my dear friends... Now it's one week ago when I posted you wish to organize a meeting here in Basel, Switzerland... Many of you were enthousiastic about that.. Some of you gave possible dates... So let's do a second turn...

My holidays last till 8/10/03, so I propose you the following dates:

16/17 august
23/24 august
30/31 august
6/7 september
13/14 september
20/21 september

I do not know, if saturday or sunday is better for you, so I please you to tell me.. Please post all possible dates directly here in the forum and I will coordinate it...

Wish you a nice summer ...


I would prefer the following dates:

30/31 august 6/7 september 13/14 september 20/21 september

Best regards


September is fine for me (I'm on holiday in August)

uly would also be fine, even if a bit short notice.

Would you organize some side activities ?

Last weekend in August or last weekend in September. If we do the last weekend in September we may be able to exchange news from the conference in the US (if any of us is going there).


I'm delighted of this idea and prefer one of the dates in august. Would would be the topics of the meeting? E.g. repair and restauration issues, trading, software exchange? I'm personally mainly interested in the 98xx series.