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Full Version: An HP-65 ebay set to watch
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Pretty good set up. Already at $100. Guesses where it will end up?


It looks like the $275 I've already bid will NEVER hold up now. I guess I'll have to cash in my now nearly worthless HP/Compaq stock so that I can double that bid.

Mark Hardman

Sorry about that Mark. But that would only work if no one else had seen it before the end. Since it showed up in my unsophisticated search, that was unlikely. It does look like quite an impressive set. :-)

you still won't win :-) I estimate it will go for $775.00. Let's see.

I don't think it will break $500. The machine has seen enough use to have trim wear above the display and the hard case is for an HP80. Figure it is worth $250. Add 50 bucks a pop for the boxed pacs. Discount the total value a bit because it is sold as a lot (they would bring more separately). My guess is $450 tops.

I've already made it clear that I'm willing to go above $500.


There is no point in anyone else running up the bidding here.


there is no possible way you can win!

There is not point in trying.


Mark Hardman (LED)

(Crap, I know Mike Davis is going to take the whole lot. Why am <I> even trying.)

$75 each (unopened) application pack $375 total

$250 HP-65

$30 Standard Pack

$40 leather case

$50 Manual and QRG

$15 Extra battery

Discounting for package deal and you are still at $700+

We shall see.

My wife made me quit...


I would like the application pacs but I'm sure it will go higher than I'd bid. I might bid if it stays under $450 but there is no way in that happening.

I might have also bid if the calculator was really nice but it has the normal thumb wear (to the trim) from pulling it out of the case. Because of this, I don't think the calculator itself will be anything but average.

Reading eBay photos is a little like aerial photography analysis.

Edited: 7 July 2003, 12:31 a.m.

I know there is an ad forum but Mike did not leave his e-mail address.

Mike, I do have some 65 pacs. (Navigation 1 & Avitation 1 pac. Complete, in their plastic holder. No manual). I don't want to sell them but maybe trade them.

Contact me should you be interested.

And the winner is.... $450