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Full Version: What about a collector's meeting
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To all european HP collectors: What about a collector's meeting? I would like to invite you to join a party here in Switzerland. I would really like to meet you face by face...
I know, we do not live door by door, but if we can fix a date still in 2003 I would be very happy!



that sound great.
Where and when?


Where: Basel, Switzerland
When: Whenever we find some other collectors... Please post some possible dates...

It would be great !

If we're in Basel, we could visit the Vitra Design museum (Weil am Rhein). Or visit some wineyards in Alsacy.

This would be just great !


Basel, Switzerland - Thats great! Possible Dates:


looking forward

Andreas Stockburger

Second half of august is perfect for me, and I will be in CH on business then anyway. Keep me posted.

I'd prefer July, 1st half of augustus or september.

I've got somme family near lausanne

The HPCC in London has a monthly meeting.

Why wouldn't we join them one time ?

So, many of you gave a possible date, great. I will have a look for some people more. Let's wait for a fiew days and the date. Please also informe other collectors of that meeting. They shall also post a possible date here...


I'm also a member of HPCC, but London isn't that near to Switzerland.. But why not.. Once in my life it would be fine (hehehe)..


Currently I could arrange nearly any date to join.

Viel Urlaub abzufeiern;-)


Are there only collectors allowed to join the meeting?


Who else would like to join us (if you're not a collector or a user..)?

There are others interested in such a meeting: I once organized a meeting in Stuttgart (lasting 3 days with visit of Daimler production in Sindelfingen, guided walk to historical places of Stgt, and some other events) but only few Swiss collectors joined. When I talked about that at a Palmtop meeting (Palmtom = HP200LX, 100LX, 95LX, 700LX, 1000CX <G>) they said 'Ha! Next time you tell us, pls. We would have joined too.' And it came out that several use JF Garniers emu41 on their Palmtop.

So such a meeting would be for emulator programmers and users too, I suppose. (I still have the duty to make a date in Lausanne to meet JFG together with some Swiss collectors <G>)


Who else would like to join us (if you're not a collector or a user..)?

Programmers, perhaps ...

Shure you are also invited.. Sorry, but I do not often chat with programmers, cause I'm a hardware collector.... Please forgive me...


Count me in as well! I am not really a collector or programmer, more a hardware guy, but if there is a party I will be there!


Wellcome on board my friend....

Really good idea, Matthias!!!

No problem. Software, hardware - it is all the same :-)

Best regards.

Great opportunity to meet some of the nice people visiting this forum!