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Full Version: HP49G Unit Conversion
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Does anyone know of a quick way to convert units on the HP49G? Under the HP48 series I could simply do the following: 1) select the UNITS key 2) select the catagory 3) enter the number-portion of the units to convert from followed by the convert-from unit soft-key. 4) press the left-shift key followed by the convert-to unit softkey to perform the conversion.

Under the HP49G, steps 1-3 are similar. However after that I must do the following: 4) enter 1 (or any number) followed by the UNITS key, catagory key and then the convert-to unit (essentially 2 items are now on the stack). 5) Press right-shift/UNITS/TOOLS/CONVERT to perform the conversion.

Hmmm?!?!?! Steps 4 and 5 for the HP49G seem to add conciderably to simply converting from one UNIT to another. Is there a shorter way? (Entering the UNITS objects by hand into the stack seems to me to be even more laborious).

Thanks tons in advance!


after you put the unit and its value to be converted on the stack,pres left-shift and the unit,from the menu, to wich you want it to convert.this ends the convertion.

I hope it's clear.

Thanks Erwin

However, I'm not clear on what you've mentioned. I enter the following key-sequence from what I understand from your response...

(let's convert 1 KNOT to MPH (miles/hr.) for example).

1) Place 1 onto stack 2) Right-shift then 6(Units key). In menu highlight 6(Speed) then F6(OK). In next menu highlight 6(Knot). Press F6(OK). 3) 1._knot is on the stack. 4) Where do I go from here (Exact keys to press)? I attempted to proceed as follows... A) Right-shift then 6(Units key again). In menu select 6(Speed again) then F6(OK). In next menu cursor-down to highlight 5. mph and then I left-shift followed by F6(OK).


Just beeps at me.

Could you clarify with key-sequence perhaps?

Thanks again tons Erwin.


Hi Mike,

The proper sequence for converting units on the hp-49g & also the 48 series is as follows, press keys in exactly this order:

Using your example of converting knots to mph. this assumes the calculator is in rpn mode.

1 right shift minus to place an underline after the one, (press * on 48) right shift 6 to access the units menu f6 for speed units, (press e on 48) f6 again, to place knot after 1_, (press f on 48) ENTER left shift mpg to convert to mph

Hope this helps.


Sorry for my unaccurate way of explaining how to convert on the 49. R.D. Bärtschiger did a better job,and it was close to what i meant. I read the first chapter of Mike’s mail d.d 03-01-2000,that state's how to convert on the 48. I performed it on the 49,and it work's. And need’s a few keystroke’s less then Bärtschiger’s methode.

This is how i did it. Let's see how many gram there are in one kilogram. The calc has the stack (RPN mode) menu active now. Calc is in RPN.

1: press right-shift than units. Press next and choose mass,F1. 2: press Kg,F1. The beep sounds and the box 'Error Too Few Arguments' appears on the screen. Just press on/cancel and the box disappears, leaving 1._kg on the stack. 3: press left-shift,then choose g from the menu,F2. Kg is now converted to grams

To convert 2 Kg to g:

1: press right-shift than units. Then press next and choose mass,F1. 2: press 2 than Kg,F1. 3: press left-shift than g,F2 (gram). It say's 2000._g on the stack.