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Full Version: Woodstock logo transplantation
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Hi all!

I intend to take an HP-25 logo from a non-working unit and transplant it to a workig one. My plan to doing this is to detach the logo by using a hair dryer to "melt" the glue beneath the logo and then to carefully remove it with a razor blade or sharp knife or so. On the other machine, I thougt I can use double sided adhesive tape. Well, this is just my plan. But I wanted to ask the more experienced in here if there's any reason of concern of doing so or if there's an optional, better procedure ...

Best wishes, Juergen

I have succesfully transplanted Woodstock, HP41, etc logos. First thing to do is get a corner of the logo lifted. Many logos will already have a loose corner where the person who installed it had touched the adhesive... almost always the right hand side. Otherwise use a razor blade/knife.

Next I take a strong piece of thread and wet it with a product called UnDu. It is just the solvent heptane (found in many rubber cement thinners... others are hexane). It causes adhesives to temporarily loose their stickiness. I also place a drop under the label corner. Then I use the thread like a cheese knife to slice under the label. Keep the tension on the thread towards the calculator and away from the label.

The label will probably curl. Place it on a piece of adhesive label peel-and-stick backing material. Fold the material over the label and smooth it down with the back of a spoon.

Many labels can be stuck back on directly. On others you can rejuvenate the stickiness by wiping them with 91% isopropyl alcohol. On others you will have to remove the old adhesive and stick them back down with a good spray glue like 3M Super77.


many thanks for your input! I appreciate your hints and will certainly follow them! Thanks again!

Best wishes, Juergen