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Full Version: HP-41 Time Functions
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I just got a time module pac (with no manual). Can someone tell me some keyboard commands to use (for instance - how to work the stopwatch) so I can see if it is operational? Thanks!

Try XEQ"SW to go out of the stopwatch keyboard, press ON

You can also try : XEQ"TIME XEQ"CLOCK XEQ"DATE... BTW, It's Y2K Compliant... All the best.

ive never had a time mod, but assuming its like the cx time functions: xeq alpha setime & xeq alpha date are self explanitory. im also partial to xeq alpha clktd. it hybridizes the display to show the time, date and month. until a couple of months ago i had no trouble remembering the year and someone always tells me when its friday. shift on displays time or clktd. dont let the clock tick too much just to see the seconds run by: it eats the battery. does it have ddays? if it does you can put your birthday in the X and todays date in the Y using the format mm.ddyyyy and youll know how many days old you are. i myself am 535 months old. and im already walking. by the way its even better than y2k complyant; hp says you can set it to any date till dec 31 2199.

Neat! I was wondering if it has the ability to do multiple lap times in the stopwatch features. Anyone know how and what type of keyboard commands to use?

If you'd like, I can scan the quick reference card and email it to you. Just let me know what image file format you need (BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, or just about anything else except PDF). Also, do you have the keyboard overlay? I can scan that too.

I went ahead and scanned the reference card and the overlay, and emailed them to you as TIFF files. If you need a different format, I can convert them easily and send them again.

Thanks, Wayne. It looks like my new time module is fully operational!

> i myself am 535 months old.

A belated Happy Birthday!

S - and a happy belated b'day to you too. but lets keep the nature of our shame to ourselves. other people might remember back around '80 or so when it seemed like every nut case with 3 names who could find a gun was born in '55.

Am sure that you are already using your time module as it should. but I still have a manual which I could copy and send. regards, jan