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Full Version: TTCALC: Can Result be Saved?
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Is there any way to print TTCALC/TTCALCE results to a data file, or printer? It seems such a shame to watch the results of the calculations go to waste when I cannot save them. One of my programs takes 8+ hours to run on my HP41C and results in about 3 feet of printed data. I would like to utilize this and my other HP41C programs on TTCALC, but I can't seem to get it to PRA or redirect the output to a data file. Is there a solution?

Like many, I admire TTCALC, but cannot read the German documentation. If I could get printer output (HP DeskJet), then I can scan it to a file, but a direct file save would be nicer.

There used to be a DOS emulator called CALC41 that permitted output to be saved.

Thank you, GGW

I fear, there's no possibility to do this (at least I didn't see one til now). The only way to save some things is to save a HP-41 image on your harddisk. This prevents also loading programs from disks or files.

I'll look into the manual again.

Thank you Mr. Hawel, I was afraid of that. It's too bad that programmers go to the trouble writing HP-41 emulation programs without regard for printer or storage devices.

Look at http://www.geocities.com/hrastprogrammer and get HP41EPC.ZIP (HP-41C/CV/CX Emulator for for Windows 95/98/NT/2000)which has support for the printer too. I saw it in a post on this same forum some weeks ago.

Anyway, I would find more useful to be able to import a plain ascii program listing in the emulator (or in the other two emulators I am aware of: V41 and Ttcalc).

Thanks for the HP41EPC tip.

You are right about an emulator with the ability to read text files written in HP41 language.

I think I mentioned in my first message: There was an emulator called CALC41 that ran in DOS, read programs written in plain text, printed and saved results to disk. This program must be in an archive somewhere on the internet and I would really like to locate it.