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Full Version: Thank you! to Julian Miranda (and to Dave Hicks)
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Thsi message is just to make public my gratitude to Julian, a friend from Spain, who was kind enough to send me an HP25 to replace the one I had and lost. I'm more than happy with this addition to my small collection, which combines my fondness for that particular model (my first HP) with a special quality as a symbol of friendship.

And thanks to Dave Hicks; because this, his wonderful MoHPC, helped us to know friends who share this same interest, and who we would never have met otherwise.

(Please disregard any idiomatic mistake)

Well, this is a surprise for me, I didn't think of being thanked in this forum. As Andrés said if this kind of things happen is because of Dave Hicks who decided to spend his time in building this site.

Thanks Dave.

Know those "ant farms" where it has 2 glass windows
and sand, and you pour sand and sugar and ants in the
top, and watch them run around and make tunnels ?

Well, Dave Hicks always wanted an ant farm. But he probably could not have one when he was a kid because of the worry he would tip it over.

So now, what he did, is he made up this "HP Museum" website.
The computer is the ant farm.

The monitor screen is the glass window.

And we who visit, and who post, are the ants. We are running around like little ants in the Dave Hicks ant farm.

And it all happens on the server in the corner of his basement .

And the ant-farm keeps getting bigger ... and bigger ...

You're all welcome and thanks to everyone from the ant keeper!

Hi, all;

forgive me K*$$$$-type collectors if I mention these facts, but at the very moment we see e-Bay crowded with calculators being sold by US$ hundreds, some of us still practice the joy of sharing and fair trading. When sharing happens at large, no one looses.

This is a unique, remarkable e-place.

Thanks, Dave.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil