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Full Version: HP-85, HP-86B docs
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I just got an HP-85 and an HP-86B in functional order. But I don't have any docs with them. Furthermore, with the HP-86B I have a 9121SD disk drive but without any disk.

Can someone help me to get the system disk for the 86B ? I can write LIF disk on my PC (with HP lifutil, in DFS mode). I search the 'demo disk'.

For the HP-85, can someone help me to find some DC-100 cartridge in France ?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. if you have spare ROM modules I'm interested

- HP 00087-15004 matrix ROM for 86/87

- HP 00087-15005 advanced programming ROM for 86/87

There is no system disk for the 85/86, I bought a new system in 1983 and never got one. The computer has its HP Basic in ROM's build in. I could supply you with 2 blanc disks, but I have to know if you have the 51/4 or the 31/2 version. I have 2 sets of manuals for the 86B. Do you have anything else from HP to trade? Regards, Jan


The 9121SD is a 264Ko single density, single side 3 1/2 unit and I can use old 720k PC disk with it. My HP is a 86B with the HP-IB interface built-in. (56K ROM, 128K RAM, e-disk built-in) but I have no docs at all for the 85A and 86B.

When I say 'system disk', it from the following URL: http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/hp.html about kermit for HP86/87. See the text file : ftp://kermit.columbia.edu/kermit/c/hp8ins.doc (paragraph 1.1)

I need in fack the UTIL/1 file and GETSAVE file in DFS-LIF format.

I have also a spare HP 92939A serial interface without docs with the HP-85

Thanks anyway.