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Full Version: selling a HP 35 in good condition
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Hello everybody,

i'm about to sell my dad's hp 35.
i guess i wont have to tell you anything about that great invention hp made there quite a few years ago...
it is in very good condition, only shows a little wear around the on-off switch.
it works just like a new one would, and the led's are still quite bright.
only the battery has been removed long time ago. so it has to be run with the ac adapter.
i still have the original leather case
and the original hard plasitc box as well

it is the version where to top buttons are not printed on the buttons...

if you are interested i will send you very detailed pictures...
please contact: ingmarusa@gmx.de

I'm sure there are people on this forum who would be interested in your calculator. However, please note that there is a "Classified" section of the HP Museum where you can post an advertisement. Simply click on the "MOHPC" at the top of the page to go to the Museum home page.

May I also suggest that you don't run your calculator on the charger without batteries. You risk damaging the unit. Evidently it has not happened so far, but it could happen.

Good Luck.

Why shouldn't he run his calculator on the AC adapter without batteries? As I recall, even the manual says this is OK...

The HP35,45,70 and 80 were designed to be run without the battery installed. There is a small chance that a 65 or 67 card reader chip could be hurt this way. It is the best way to fry a Woodstock series machine. Not good for Spice series machines either.

I've always taken it as a general principle that one shouldn't run a calulator on the charger without batteries. Of course, the reason is the voltage regulation that rechargeable batteries provide.

Evidently, that's not a problem in some HPs. I stand corrected.

Thank you, David and David.


Thank you for the info,
surely it is more likely that anybody searching for a hp 35 will search for it in the ad section, but i just did not know about it... thanks for telling me about it....have a nice day

greatings from munic,