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Full Version: Dave, a guy bought your CDRs, printed and is selling a copy of HP-15C manuals on ebay !!!
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The alta-vista translation of that page is a little rough. I see mention of CDs and print-outs but I can't tell if he's offering the original CDs with the calculator which would be OK or only the print-outs. Can you tell or is it ambiguous in the original language too?


My translation (from college french--not a native speaker) which I am quite confident of:

{} are my comments

"This calculator is suitable for a collector {or is good enough to be a collector's item etc}. The keys work well {to the touch...I forget what 'frappe' means but think it is 'to strike' so OK here}. She functions very well. The batteries are OK. No French manual, but have included a cd {printout of--imprime means print but maybe the french use this to mean make cd also} is included in English."

Seems many auctioneers include copies of your CD. Since they bought it to get it (presumably) and are selling the calculator, not hte manual alone, seems ok?

Regards, and thanks to you for the amazing site--actually resource, watering hole, obsession....

Bill Platt

Hi, folks;

as a native Portuguese speaker and understanding some of French (both languages share the basic struture), also having Emmanuel's post as from a native French speaker, I'd like to add that the seller has been at least honest when he mentions hat he does not have the original manuals but he includes a printout of the ones available at the MoHPC CD's:

Je n'ai pas le manuel en français - I don't have the french manual

mais j'ai acheté le cd du site hpmuseum - but I bought the CD from the HPMuseum site

et j'ai imprimé et relié proprement - and I printed and properly bound (added, attached)

les 2 manuels en anglais - both English manuals.

By both manuals he means basic User's Manual and Advanced Functions Handbook. I'm not sure how Dave can deal with this; the fact is that manuals are copyrighted, and he is including a copy of them. Should HP claim it is not right? Is it up to Dave?

My thoughts go beyond these ones, but I was affraid of the French text actual meaning.

My 2¢.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

Edited: 4 June 2003, 8:27 p.m.

Hi Luiz, your translation is ok, the guy is selling the manuals but not the CD that come from here...

I inherited a 16C, and since the manual was missing, I simply printed
out a copy of the manual from the Museum CD. If I were to sell (perish
the thought!) or give away my 16C, would I be allowed to include the
printed copy of the manual without including my Museum DVD?


Thanks everyone. I still can't quite be sure what he's doing. As long as he's selling the original CDs, it's OK for him to include the print-outs too.

Someone mentioned auctioneers selling copies of my CDs. If you happen to see that, please let me know. Reselling originals is fine of course.

Someone mentioned auctioneers selling copies of my CDs. If you happen to see that, please let me know. Reselling originals is fine of course.

But I take it not ok to sell my no longer needed original CD set that I've upgraded to the DVD!

Yes - good point!