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Full Version: Where can buy a Leather Hard Case for a HP42S
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One that also has a belt loop

Dear Indar: Occidental Leather products makes a calculator case of heavy saddle leather with a snap over flap that holds calculators 3 1/8" wide by 5 1/2" tall and up to 3/4" thick. It was made to accept the Construction master series calculators. I used this case for my 42s and 32sII calculators. I found it a little tight at first, when I closed the flap, but it did fit. I also glued a piece of felt over the snap on the inside of the case so it would not scratch the screen. It has a heavy duty belt loop that accepts up to a 3 inch belt, is a dark burgandy color and costs $16.95 and made in USA. It is available from ACME tool crib of the North. You can get your copy of a catalog on the web at www.toolcribofthenorth.com/ and follow the directions to order catalog. The model number is 5068 and was on page 94 of the fall 1999 catalog. Hope this helps. Cheers and good health. William

Did you see all the Windows CE stuff? well thats is your answer, try any leather case for a windows CE device, in my case i had the hp28, later the 38 and now the 49 and i just have one carrying case for all, a targus (Sorry i do not know the model) but it works fine, looks good and is cheap, besides it offers remarkable protection for your device.

Here in Greece you can buy a nice little case that just fits the 42s. I bought my first one in a tourist shop on Rhodes after the original plastic case was blown off a mountain top site. I have bought several as gifts for friends who never found calculators to fill them! I know the place that makes them in Athens and I would imagine that with the postage it would be a little cheaper than the one mentioned above. Richard